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Healthcare Mobile Solutions

The Purpose

Our company is comprised of professionals from various fields who have gained years of experience in the healthcare practice. The need for our products was recognized in consequence of practical experience in hospital work. The initial idea of the product developed when professionals working in the healthcare services noticed that certain things could be improved in the integrated care pathway in terms of both the hospital’s and the patient’s interests.

HMS Healthcare

Patient remembers to come to treatment rightly prepared

Our mobile applications are tools that are used between the hospital and the patient. Our products make the patients’ integrated care pathway more cost-effective, and we introduce modern technology to the communication between the hospital and the patient. Our applications can be customized to suit the needs of different hospital departments. Using the product, hospitals are able to enhance their efficiency and to substantially reduce the costs of cancelled appointments.

Booked appointments and instructions always within your arm's reach!

The patient always remembers to arrive in the right place at the right time and correctly prepared

App can be modified to meet the units needs

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Markku Eskelinen
Sales Manager
Jarkko Kauppinen
Clinical Specialist
Jarkko Tissari
Technical Lead
Josse Mielonen
Brand Manager